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Virtual Server (vServer)- low cost high productivity


Intended to run a private server hosting but lack of financial budget? vServer is the solution for small and medium enterprise who wants to fully control on website traffic and bandwidth usage with little cost.

vServer combines the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with the cost savings of share hosting. However, as virtual dedicated, the website owner in fact shares the server space with a small number of other users; but each vServer is effectively isolated from other account on the server that allow website owner has the full control over the server space.

vServer emphasizes to virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other users virtual machine; vServer is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer that is dedicated to the individual customer needs. It has the privacy of a separate physical computer and can be configured to run as a server computer.

Whenever the bandwidth offered by the share hosting environment limits the website traffic, causing data uploading time delay, now is the time to invest vServer.

vServer acts just like a real dedicated server, but in some way it is even more convenient, flexible and scalable. It offers many of the capabilities and features of dedicated server, including admin (root) access and dedicated IP address. Some of the vServer even offer unmetered bandwidth that can improve the efficiency of the website upload speed directly.

vServer also allows website owner to reboot and “power cycle” the virtual server, connect the virtual server’s console for off-line maintenance, change serve’s kernel and even reinstall a different operating system.

vServer removes many of the security and administration problem associated with share hosting. Website owner can require hosting company to restart server or test configurations anytime without affected other vServer user in the same physical device.

Even vServer run on a shared host server, it will not be overcommitted the RAM in host server. Every byte of vServer server RAM that purchased by website owner is backed by the real RAM in the host server.

Self dependency of vServer can guarantee 99.9% of privacy protection from other virtual hosting clients. Each vServer client does not share TCP/IP stacks, processes and disk space. None of the virtual hosting client on the host server can access to any others vServer client website files, database, or any process that run in the hosting place.

vServer is able to take care of the level of dynamic usage and SQL integration in hosting environment. The more complex queries and integrated the application, the technical specification requirement will be increased. vServer who offers stand-alone separate space capable to offer enough bandwidth support for the dynamic website.