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Discontinued of Windows and Personal Shared Hosting.


In accordance with our focus on Cloud Server & Cloud Storage and our promise to delivering superior service performance, Net Onboard has decided to discontinue the following Shared Hosting packages effective from 1st September 2012. Existing clients currently subscribed to below packages will continue to receive the hosting service and support without interruption.

1. Personal Shared Hosting Package
2. Windows Shared Hosting Package

If you are considering getting your own server or consolidating a couple of hosting accounts, but have concern on limited technical knowledge, express to us your interest to switch to a no-hassle approach of Cloud now!

You can easily switch from using Shared Hosting/VPS/Dedicated server to using the Managed Cloud server service, while retaining all of your existing data. Most site owners are more than happy to ditch all of the hardware maintenance, OS patches, resource upgrade and server troubleshooting matters by subscribing the managed cloud server.

Still unsure? Contact us 03-80625088 or email to sales@netonboard.com to find out more today. Cloud Now!