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Skytrex Adventure for Net Onboardian!


Net Onboardian escaped from city concrete block to green land. We had set up to conquer our first challenge – Acrophobia! In a lovely sunny day in Boleh land, we made our way to Skytrex Adventure that located in Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam.

We were there to challenge on our agility, fear, walk, crawl, glide and swing through different adventures in the sky! The wobbly climb up the 15-meter (50 foot) high Crazy Ladder did give us good and warm “welcome”.

A roller-coaster journey drives the whole team crazy. We ran, hold, swung, jumped, flew, screamed and laughed. Many other exciting activities like fun ride on the Tarzan Swings, plus suspended walkways and hanging bridges thrilled us with endless excitement. Two hours exhausted adventure was fully loaded with laughter, challenges, and non-stop fun. We play hard. We work harder! This is one of our daily quotes to live under the sun.

The extreme jungle trekking adventure made us realise that we can also be Tom Cruise – the mission impossible agents. With the high spirit, strong personality and never give up attitude, as well as strong holding towards fast response and great efficiency motto, Net Onboardian definitely is the team to escort you venturing the Cloud Technology Era.

Lets Cloud it today!


Fitness Day

We all know about the importance of fitness, staying fit can reduce our risk of various health problem such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, stroke and etc. Net Onboardian now set up fitness routine for better life.

We want to nurture team spirit, improve skill development and maintain good health in our life. Thus, we are establishing welfare group to encourage our team members to enjoy a joyful life while keeping pace in the career.Every Monday and Thursday will be Fitness day for Net Onboardian.

With is welfare group establishment, we will always seek for opportunity to help abandoned group. We notice that lots of unfortunate people have been abandoned by the society. We want to try our best to make them life easier.
We will put 100% to make our life as well as others life more delightful and meaningful. We want to share our knowledge and resources with the rest. Net Onboard- Deliver the Needs For Tomorrow.

Annual Dinner 2011

The polished grandeur of B’s – All Day Dinning at Pullman Putrajaya was the venue of this year’s annual dinner on the Friday, 21st January. The dining outlet served us Asian and Western delights on buffet, including Teppanyaki Corner, Woode Fire Pizza and lots of tempting menu.

Other highlights of the dinner was lucky draw session where everyone eagerly looked forward. The grand prize for the day was the DVD player that could play any discs, reads any format. Congratulations to Allen for winning the grand prize. We had a good time mingling around with our cliques.














Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday!

The time flies and before you knows it, Hari Raya is here again. It’s been almost 30 days of fasting without we realize and we definitely do not want to miss out the opportunity to wish our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

Please be informed that Net Onboard office will be closed on Friday (10/09/2010). We shall resume our office hours on Monday (13/09/2010).

And last but not least, we at Net Onboard wish you a joyous Hari Raya and happy holiday to all.

We Support Earth Hour! How about you?


Hi All,

The time has come again. Be prepared to turn off your lights or any electric appliances for 1 hour to support 2010 Earth Hour. Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. One year later, over 50 million people across 35 countries participated.

It’s time to show where you stand. We choose to vote for earth by turning off our lights. How about you?