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SEO marketing solution- Rank your website to 1st page.


We are always being told that a successful website must be SEO friendly. Why SEO friendly is so important for a website?

First, we have to find out what is so-called SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the marketing components under search engine marketing category. It is also referred as natural or organic search means we not need to pay a single penny to be appeared on the top rank of search engines.

SEO is depending on website visitor volume when deciding the ranking of website on each search engines. In other word, if the volume of visitor to click into your website increased drastically, the higher your website will pop up on the top rank in future when audience types the keywords that related to your business or company.

Net Onboard can rank your website to the 1st page of Goolge search engine (Google occupied 65.5% search engine market share based on comScore’s ranking). Our SEO marketing solution optimizes your website visibility and you will see the result with within 3 months. We dare to offer you 100% refund if the result of SEO is not seen within the contract.

There are 3 things that SEO can do for us:

-          Identifies key phrases to target , based on search popularity of those items

-          Creates accessible content to target keywords

-          Builds links to guide search engine reach to the content

Keep repeating the same keyword thousands time will only irritate; eventually will turn down the visitor volume. Blindly repeat particular keyword will also fail to trick the search engine. Nowadays, plenty of savvy sites know how to scan for readable and sensible content, which means that content which over flooded with the repetitive keyword will eventually being penalized instead awarded with high.

The good idea to create SEO friendly website is to flood with rich information message that is related to the key concept of the website. With the advanced solution development, some search engine is able to detect the meaning of the message concept instead of just recognize particular keywords.

Our SEO marketing solution allows you to choose your desire keyword, target country and landing page. Having the right keyword is able to connect you to the right target. However, we only accept limited number of clients in same industry. It’s a first come first served basis.

What you waiting for? Contact us now 018-6650559, or drop us an email sales@netonboard.com. Grab your desire keyword to put yourself on the top of the search page. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your finger. We don’t want your competitor book your desire keyword!