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How to create a website?


Internet is a virtual space of the reality world. Website is the basic virtual organization on the space. We need website to run a virtual store, gallery, cyber community and personal data storage.

Plenty of new websites are born every minute in the cyber world. Website is not just only a business tool to spread news of product or service. It is a platform to connect human community around the world.

Website is the basic unit in the Information Technology era. It isn’t restricted by age, gender, ethnic, country or purpose. A good website management resulted in high efficiency of information dissemination and more effective in investment return.

Nowadays, various user friendly software are provided in the market which to teach user how to create and operate a website. Right choice of the website solution provider reduces crisis happen.

Here we provide the basic steps of how to start a website. With this basic knowledge, website maintenance and creation is just an easy task. This guidance is a foundation for your future website empire.

Step 1 : Get Your Domain Name
A catchy and simple name is the first step to set up a website. Parents always gave name to baby when they first arrived in this world. Website is the same. It needs to register a domain name before to start to build up the whole website. Domain name is the address and foundation of a website. Users access to the website through domain name.

Domain name is the combination of any letters or numbers. It is separated to two categories, the first is called general domain name such as .com/.net/.info/.biz and etc. The other is country-specific domain name, for example .com.my (Malaysia)/.co.uk (United Kingdom)/.com.cn (China) and etc.

Usually people will try to create a domain name that is directly link to their company or organization registered trademark. However, a unique and catchy name can be one of the good choices because audience can easily remember and the website can stand out from the crowd. For example: Net Onboard Sdn Bhd has a website with a domain name called www.netonboard.com.

Step 2: Get A West Host
Domain name is an address of a house; web hosting is the space to build the house. In other word, in order to create a website, we need to register for a domain name and obtain a web hosting provider to help us set up the whole website.

A professional web hosting provider acts like a reliable housing developer. An experienced web hosting provider will provide high quality technical support 24/7 and guarantee a 99.9% up time.

Always compare the current web hosting plans in the market place. Different website objective is operated with different web hosting package. Good package does not mean must go for the most expensive. Keep away from the sales person sweet talk; compare the pros and cons, made a good consideration according to the objective, purpose and financial budget before making a decision.

Step 3: Create Your Web Page
Today with the advanced technology, website creation is not limited to programmer who excellent in HTML knowledge. Most of the software developers publish lots of user friendly interface software to assist the normal community, in order to create website without getting assistance from programmer.

Free website design software is available all the time. Users can download the trial version or free software to try to create the website. Besides that, some of the web hosting provider does provide free website builder templates such as Net onboard Sdn Bhd.

Website design could be easy or hard, it all depends on the appearance of the website. The basic role is to avoid complicated and congested website, keep it simple and easy to navigate. Do not apply fancy colour or unpleasant fonts size and types, it will irritate users eyes and made them difficult to understand the published message.