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Capture New Customer; Retaining Loyal Client


We all know that all businesses require new leads. However, more importantly, in order to grow, it requires loyal customers. Thus, there is a need to convert new leads to loyal customers in a systematic approach.

The fastest approach to reach customers is through mobile devices. Everyone is holding a mobile phone. Net Onboard’s Customer Retaining System is a brand new solution that helps business owner to form a firm relationship with existing and potential customers through telecommunication channel.

This system allows customers to subscribe to news or promotion update from a business by using the mobile device. With the list of subscribers generated, business owner may send out promotion SMS messages in an instant. As part of our promotion package bundle, business owner are entitled to 10000 SMS credits where it could use it to blast promotion SMS.

Unlike the promotion deal website, business owner does not need to share profit with us. Customer retaining system allows business owner to set up loyalty program with 0% profit division scheme. We do not take a cut from your profit, but instead helping you to make more profit. This system is ideal to assist you to retain customers.

If you are looking for a solution to help you hold the “Come and Go” customer, Net Onboard’s Customer Retaining System is the right choice. A simple and easy to manage solution coupled with unique personalized message at an affordable cost is definitely what you need to compete with others.


Methods of Online Marketing


Cyberspace provides the best and most comfortable atmosphere for shopper to sit and relax in front of computer while surf through products and services pages without hassle.

Online marketing is the selling and promoting strategy for the online enterprise only. This is the misleading message that confuses people in the business world. Traditional store or virtual store both can implement online marketing strategy. There is a vast potential market in the cyberspace. Online marketing is a key to open the door of cyber community.

You are not recommended to create a website which just to publish company profile, display products and services only.  As a business owner, you should utilize the online resources and do not let go any opportunities to capture the potential crowd. We should not underestimate the influence of online marketing.

We need to get a good system to handle email management and constantly monitors which ISPs are blocking emails and tune to compliance to their requirement. You may try on some software which provides features to trace on sent email status whether it has been opened or deleted and also evaluate and analyse the marketing result to compile as a reference for next email marketing plan.

Features such as bounced back mail handling, monitoring of IPs blacklisting, ensuring we do not against the Spam laws with traceability ensure the success of each marketing campaign.

Except of an accessible and multifunctional website, social media is one of the most popular and powerful online marketing tool in current trend. Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging community and so on, allow us stay connected and build a good rapport with our customer community. It also allows us gather the latest purchase pattern and current discussion topic from time to time.

According to the statistic provided by Google, company that own a blog generate 43.5% more indexed page compare to those did not have any.

With the advanced technology development, you can seek for a professional partner to assist you in venturing to the online marketing field. Maximize the utilization of potential resources bring you closer to the business success.

You are recommended to seek for professional partner and leverage their expertise in performing online marketing activities. With their experiences and past success records, the step to success is just next to you.