Happy Thaipusam 2012


Chinese New Year celebration just walked pass, however we are continuing to hold the cheerful atmosphere by celebrating a Hindu festival – Thaipusam.

Hindus celebrate Thaipusam on the tenth month of their calendar, which coincides with the full moon at the end of January and beginning of February. This year Thaipusam is celebrated at 7th February.

Every year, the manifestation of the festival is the best witnessed in Malaysia at Batu Caves and Penang. There will be thousands of devotees come to the place to seek forgiveness for the past deeds and thank God for wishes granted.

We can see some of the Hinduism devotees carry the Kavadi, a wooden arch with two pots of or honey at its end, decorated with peacock feathers. Also, we will be surrounded by traditional Indian music and dances. Malaysia multicultural society amazed thousands foreign visitor with our rich culture festival celebration. Thaipusam definitely is one of them.

Net Onboard will like to say “ Happy Thaipusam” to all Hindus and wish them have a nice and safe journey. Be patience and considerate to keep the celebration safe and memorable.

We will open for business as usual during Thaipusam day. Our technical support team will be standby 24/7 to assist you in any enquiries. Last but not least. Have a nice festival celebration to all the Hindus and enjoy the Thaipusam!