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Discontinued of Windows and Personal Shared Hosting.


In accordance with our focus on Cloud Server & Cloud Storage and our promise to delivering superior service performance, Net Onboard has decided to discontinue the following Shared Hosting packages effective from 1st September 2012. Existing clients currently subscribed to below packages will continue to receive the hosting service and support without interruption.

1. Personal Shared Hosting Package
2. Windows Shared Hosting Package

If you are considering getting your own server or consolidating a couple of hosting accounts, but have concern on limited technical knowledge, express to us your interest to switch to a no-hassle approach of Cloud now!

You can easily switch from using Shared Hosting/VPS/Dedicated server to using the Managed Cloud server service, while retaining all of your existing data. Most site owners are more than happy to ditch all of the hardware maintenance, OS patches, resource upgrade and server troubleshooting matters by subscribing the managed cloud server.

Still unsure? Contact us 03-80625088 or email to to find out more today. Cloud Now!

Important of keeping pace with customer’s buying behavior


Malaysia internet usage population rise rapidly since 2007. Latest research shows 58.8% Malaysian is an active internet user in June 2011. It is a 15% increase over previous year according to the Neilson Company’s Mobile Insight Survey.

The arrival of internet age brings a lot of conveniences to human life. We share news, search to update our knowledge, set up business and maintaining social life via internet. We are now depending heavily on the internet to function every day.

Pre-internet age customer is lagging behind in today society; while online shopping is a fast growing purchasing trend. Customer prefers to shop at home via internet, and collect the purchased product from nearer shop or being delivered to the door step. It saves time and cost.

Malaysian is expected to join the online shopping population within 5 years. It is a global trend. As a business owner, revolution of customer buying behavior could be an opportunity or a threat. As long as we master the online marketing tools and further utilizing the available internet infrastructures and resources, we definitely are creating opportunities for our business.

How effective is online marketing? According to Neilson Worldwide’s “Trust in Advertising” survey, 40% of the customers trust email newsletter, which means email marketing strategy, can reach half of the potential group population successfully.

Malaysian young population age 20-24 are the highest internet users, almost six out of ten of them spending average 22.3hours online per week. We cannot deny that website and online marketing toolkits are vital to marketer’s proposal.

We should understand the pattern of our target group before we are implementing any of the available online marketing toolkits. We have to find answers to these 4 questions; Who are the customers? Where are they? How to influence them? Are they able to commit to the Brand?

Threat or opportunity? The answer is depended on how we handle the paradigm shifting of customer’s buying behavior. We should keep transforming to adapt to the new marketing environment by using new resources to the existing marketing strategy instead of remaining with the old pattern.

Methods of Online Marketing


Cyberspace provides the best and most comfortable atmosphere for shopper to sit and relax in front of computer while surf through products and services pages without hassle.

Online marketing is the selling and promoting strategy for the online enterprise only. This is the misleading message that confuses people in the business world. Traditional store or virtual store both can implement online marketing strategy. There is a vast potential market in the cyberspace. Online marketing is a key to open the door of cyber community.

You are not recommended to create a website which just to publish company profile, display products and services only.  As a business owner, you should utilize the online resources and do not let go any opportunities to capture the potential crowd. We should not underestimate the influence of online marketing.

We need to get a good system to handle email management and constantly monitors which ISPs are blocking emails and tune to compliance to their requirement. You may try on some software which provides features to trace on sent email status whether it has been opened or deleted and also evaluate and analyse the marketing result to compile as a reference for next email marketing plan.

Features such as bounced back mail handling, monitoring of IPs blacklisting, ensuring we do not against the Spam laws with traceability ensure the success of each marketing campaign.

Except of an accessible and multifunctional website, social media is one of the most popular and powerful online marketing tool in current trend. Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging community and so on, allow us stay connected and build a good rapport with our customer community. It also allows us gather the latest purchase pattern and current discussion topic from time to time.

According to the statistic provided by Google, company that own a blog generate 43.5% more indexed page compare to those did not have any.

With the advanced technology development, you can seek for a professional partner to assist you in venturing to the online marketing field. Maximize the utilization of potential resources bring you closer to the business success.

You are recommended to seek for professional partner and leverage their expertise in performing online marketing activities. With their experiences and past success records, the step to success is just next to you.

How to create a website?


Internet is a virtual space of the reality world. Website is the basic virtual organization on the space. We need website to run a virtual store, gallery, cyber community and personal data storage.

Plenty of new websites are born every minute in the cyber world. Website is not just only a business tool to spread news of product or service. It is a platform to connect human community around the world.

Website is the basic unit in the Information Technology era. It isn’t restricted by age, gender, ethnic, country or purpose. A good website management resulted in high efficiency of information dissemination and more effective in investment return.

Nowadays, various user friendly software are provided in the market which to teach user how to create and operate a website. Right choice of the website solution provider reduces crisis happen.

Here we provide the basic steps of how to start a website. With this basic knowledge, website maintenance and creation is just an easy task. This guidance is a foundation for your future website empire.

Step 1 : Get Your Domain Name
A catchy and simple name is the first step to set up a website. Parents always gave name to baby when they first arrived in this world. Website is the same. It needs to register a domain name before to start to build up the whole website. Domain name is the address and foundation of a website. Users access to the website through domain name.

Domain name is the combination of any letters or numbers. It is separated to two categories, the first is called general domain name such as .com/.net/.info/.biz and etc. The other is country-specific domain name, for example (Malaysia)/ (United Kingdom)/ (China) and etc.

Usually people will try to create a domain name that is directly link to their company or organization registered trademark. However, a unique and catchy name can be one of the good choices because audience can easily remember and the website can stand out from the crowd. For example: Net Onboard Sdn Bhd has a website with a domain name called

Step 2: Get A West Host
Domain name is an address of a house; web hosting is the space to build the house. In other word, in order to create a website, we need to register for a domain name and obtain a web hosting provider to help us set up the whole website.

A professional web hosting provider acts like a reliable housing developer. An experienced web hosting provider will provide high quality technical support 24/7 and guarantee a 99.9% up time.

Always compare the current web hosting plans in the market place. Different website objective is operated with different web hosting package. Good package does not mean must go for the most expensive. Keep away from the sales person sweet talk; compare the pros and cons, made a good consideration according to the objective, purpose and financial budget before making a decision.

Step 3: Create Your Web Page
Today with the advanced technology, website creation is not limited to programmer who excellent in HTML knowledge. Most of the software developers publish lots of user friendly interface software to assist the normal community, in order to create website without getting assistance from programmer.

Free website design software is available all the time. Users can download the trial version or free software to try to create the website. Besides that, some of the web hosting provider does provide free website builder templates such as Net onboard Sdn Bhd.

Website design could be easy or hard, it all depends on the appearance of the website. The basic role is to avoid complicated and congested website, keep it simple and easy to navigate. Do not apply fancy colour or unpleasant fonts size and types, it will irritate users eyes and made them difficult to understand the published message.

New Solution- SEED

Brand New Year, a whole new solution. In this advanced technology era, we are looking for fast and effective solution to accelerate our goal. We are tired of complex and bureaucratic hassle.

Do you feel lost while trying to explore the internet market these few years? Now, we can provide you the complete guidance. SEED solution is all you need. SEED is built with the mission to capture the online growing market and lead the target market to your business.

It comprised of a Content Management System (CMS) that compliant with search engine readability (SEO Structured) and numerous passive & active marketing strategies designed to simplify the workloads and shorten the Return of Investment (ROI) cycle.

First, we would provide you a custom layout design webpage. We will not just let the webpage to act as wallpaper on the online world. We will made it SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-friendly. SEO is one of the passive strategies to maximize the exposure of your product or service to the mass population.

Second, we practice email marketing and SMS marketing to approach customer proactively. These two online marketing tools are part of the active strategies that are included in the SEED solution in order to intrigue potential customer to take action.

Third, your webpage will be listed in our virtual mall, which is an online shopping mall aims to broaden your marketing and selling platform. Besides that, we will help you set up a strong social networking to direct more traffic to your website.

Nevertheless, SEED is a solution that you can manage and operate all by yourself. SEED offers a user-friendly platform and easy manage interface for you to edit, draft, upload and configure your own content.

Don’t be hesitant. You are most welcomed to contact us for further information. Our telephone number is 603-80625088. Or you can drop us an email at with a title of SEED inquiries. We are also appreciate if you can text us a message to 018-6650559, we will call you back to clarify all your doubts

Time Waits for No Man

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.

New Year eve has always been the time in looking back the past. However, the most importantly is to plan for the coming year. Year 2012 will be the brand new start for all of us. We should come out from past mistake to join the successful journey.

In this information age, most of us understand that virtual marketing is the good way to expand and enhance business revenue. Many business owners hired a professional web design company to establish a high resolution, creative and fancy website for their business company. But, there was no sign of increasing on business revenue after establish the company website. Why?

Most of the people do have a wrong concept that a creative fancy website is a good way to impress customer. The real purpose of web site is to sell idea or product to customer. Fancy and creative website presentation will only diverse customer attention from exploring the product to website design at the end.

As a digital marketing expert, we are the combination of web designer and marketing professional. Net Onboard provides various content management system packages to suit business owner purpose. We have a strong team of marketing professional to assist in marketing strategy planning while a group of well skilled web designer to cooperate with the marketing team. We immerse the marketing idea into the web designing process.

Our new marketing solutions provide custom layout website design package to achieve different company image and purpose. While a series of well organized marketing tool is included in the new marketing solutions package that aims to sell and spread the ideas or product effectively.

Now, turn on your computer, click into your website. Is it no interactive response between you and your customer? It is the time to speak to us. Wait for no more. Call us 03-80625088 or email This will be the first step for you to succeed in year 2012.

The latest design of Net Onboard CMS package for RAIF organization:



Net Onboard CMS package’s website combines the creative design concept and effective marketing feature under one roof.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. Every time you go to a web site using a domain name, you are actually using DNS. Your request for that domain name goes to your local primary or secondary DNS server which is usually administered by your ISP. Your local DNS server check its records to see if it knows what IP address that domain points to. If it does, then it directs you to that IP address. If it does not, then it sends a query to the Root DNS servers.