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Discontinued of Windows and Personal Shared Hosting.


In accordance with our focus on Cloud Server & Cloud Storage and our promise to delivering superior service performance, Net Onboard has decided to discontinue the following Shared Hosting packages effective from 1st September 2012. Existing clients currently subscribed to below packages will continue to receive the hosting service and support without interruption.

1. Personal Shared Hosting Package
2. Windows Shared Hosting Package

If you are considering getting your own server or consolidating a couple of hosting accounts, but have concern on limited technical knowledge, express to us your interest to switch to a no-hassle approach of Cloud now!

You can easily switch from using Shared Hosting/VPS/Dedicated server to using the Managed Cloud server service, while retaining all of your existing data. Most site owners are more than happy to ditch all of the hardware maintenance, OS patches, resource upgrade and server troubleshooting matters by subscribing the managed cloud server.

Still unsure? Contact us 03-80625088 or email to to find out more today. Cloud Now!

Happy 55th Birthday! We love you, Malaysia!


Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia,
Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita,
Selamat bertakhta

We sing national anthem every morning during school assembly. Nowadays, it seems that younger generation find it hard to develop spirit of patriotism for motherland. Yes, they still sing national anthem every day. But do they know well about our homeland?

Malaysia – a lovely tropical country with nice food and weather. We are geographically protected from natural disaster. We have harmony multi-cultural society. Why shall we lose our love and passion toward this homeland?

We have to treasure the lovely homeland with our children. A nation can never be truly free of all its negative aspects. We shall not be influenced by negative messages. It’s important for parents to educate the youngster how lucky for us to born on this land. We need to be united. No race, no skin colour, no language or religion difference from each other. We are Malaysian!

In-conjunction with the 55th Malaysia Independence Day, our sales & billing office is off on 31st August 2012 (Friday). We shall resume to normal business hours on 3rd September 2012 (Monday).

If you face any technical inquiries during this period, you may still reach our support team via the Emergency Mobile Contact Number +6012-6171688 or by submitting ticket to or

Wish Malaysian Happy Independence Day! Malaysia, We love you!

A Blessed Hari Raya for All Malaysian


Malaysia is well-known as a harmony multi-cultural country in the eye of the world. We celebrate various cultural festivals together. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is one of the major celebrations of Malaysia. This day marks the end of fasting month of our Muslim friends.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is always a special holiday for us when we were kids. House hopping to Muslim friends and teachers’ house is part of the fun and memorable moments. Not forgetting the Ramadan bazaar with mix variety of Mamak or Arabic food culture being the food heaven for local people as well as tourist. Mouth watering and finger licking good food such as nasi lemak with ayam rendang, satay, murtabak and etc is a must try experience to cheer up your day.

In conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, our sales & billing office will close on 20th and 21st August 2012 (Monday & Tuesday). We shall resume our business as normal on 22nd August 2012 (Wednesday). If you face any technical inquiries during this period, you may still reach our support team via the Emergency Mobile Contact Number +60126171688 or by submitting ticket to or

Net Onboard would like to wish all Muslim friends have a great and happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration, and have nice holiday for all Malaysian.

“Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin.”

Skytrex Adventure for Net Onboardian!


Net Onboardian escaped from city concrete block to green land. We had set up to conquer our first challenge – Acrophobia! In a lovely sunny day in Boleh land, we made our way to Skytrex Adventure that located in Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam.

We were there to challenge on our agility, fear, walk, crawl, glide and swing through different adventures in the sky! The wobbly climb up the 15-meter (50 foot) high Crazy Ladder did give us good and warm “welcome”.

A roller-coaster journey drives the whole team crazy. We ran, hold, swung, jumped, flew, screamed and laughed. Many other exciting activities like fun ride on the Tarzan Swings, plus suspended walkways and hanging bridges thrilled us with endless excitement. Two hours exhausted adventure was fully loaded with laughter, challenges, and non-stop fun. We play hard. We work harder! This is one of our daily quotes to live under the sun.

The extreme jungle trekking adventure made us realise that we can also be Tom Cruise – the mission impossible agents. With the high spirit, strong personality and never give up attitude, as well as strong holding towards fast response and great efficiency motto, Net Onboardian definitely is the team to escort you venturing the Cloud Technology Era.

Lets Cloud it today!


Happy Father’s Day 2012


Father’s Day is coming!! It is a day to honor fathers.Father is the superman of everyone of us. He can transform to be our basketball coach, discipline teacher, security guard, tourist guide and so on. He plays many roles but with just an ultimate goal – to provide us the best. No doubt that our father is the toughest guy in the world.


Net Onboard would like to make take this opportunity to wish all the father and father-to-be a very happy Father’s Day. Hope you have a relax and unforgettable Father’s Day.

Cloud Computing Incentive for SME

Cloud Computing incentive for SME

cloud computing1.

Cloud computing technology is boosted drastically. Malaysia’s Cloud market is estimated increasing to reach RM160 million by 2020 helped by innovation of tablets and smartphones.

Good news for local SME to enable Cloud Computing in their business. Multimedia Development Corp (MdeC) has extended the MSC Malaysia Cloud Computing Enablement Initiative, aims to provide incentive for eligible SMEs. SMEs under the particular program are able to adopt Cloud Computing with lower cost.

Type By end-2012 Target Incentive Summary Beneficiaries
Cloud On-Boardingj Programme 60 for both programmes RM15k+RM15k worth of starter development kit, training and consultancy Local MSC Malaysia ISVs
Saas Acceleration Programme RM15k + RM 15k worth of infra services from IaaS provider Local MSC Malaysia ISVs
SME Cloud Computing Adoption Programme ( Digital Economy Enablement) 1500 Capped at RM1,500 or translate up to 6 months of subscription fee (whichever is lower ) Malaysian SMEs

Souce: Malaysia SME the newspaper

Cloud computing- a new buzz word in this era. Like it or not, Cloud technology will dominant the business and IT world gradually. Google, Apple, HP, Dell all giant IT innovators compete for the most advanced Cloud service in the market.

As a Malaysian SME, choosing local provider will be a good choice to kick start Cloud computing. Net Onboard Sdn Bhd is the first Cloud Solution provider in Malaysia to provide hybrid cloud solution to users. Flexible packages that are provided by Net Onboard popular for all levels of enterprise.

Cloud computing automating and easing business process to open up new revenue opportunity for local software developers. Every industry fully utilize Cloud computing as a disaster recovery with small investment to guarantee huge data back up plan.

Log on to for further information. Read it, watch it, understand it today. Cloud can be your best mate in accelerating business expansion in future.

Happy Mother’s Day 2012


“I love you Mum”
“Ma, Wo Ai Ni 妈,我爱你”
“Ibu, ku cintaimu”

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Florists are busy packing bunches of Carnations. Chocolates, jewels, dinning packages and etc promotions flashing on television screen or email inbox.

She is the woman who we love for entire life. She is the braviest human who are willing to risk her life to show us the world. We appreciate her as a caretaker, advisor, teacher, friend, and listener.

Net Onboard wish all mothers have a wonderful day with the beloved families.

Happy Mother’s Day 2012.

Important of keeping pace with customer’s buying behavior


Malaysia internet usage population rise rapidly since 2007. Latest research shows 58.8% Malaysian is an active internet user in June 2011. It is a 15% increase over previous year according to the Neilson Company’s Mobile Insight Survey.

The arrival of internet age brings a lot of conveniences to human life. We share news, search to update our knowledge, set up business and maintaining social life via internet. We are now depending heavily on the internet to function every day.

Pre-internet age customer is lagging behind in today society; while online shopping is a fast growing purchasing trend. Customer prefers to shop at home via internet, and collect the purchased product from nearer shop or being delivered to the door step. It saves time and cost.

Malaysian is expected to join the online shopping population within 5 years. It is a global trend. As a business owner, revolution of customer buying behavior could be an opportunity or a threat. As long as we master the online marketing tools and further utilizing the available internet infrastructures and resources, we definitely are creating opportunities for our business.

How effective is online marketing? According to Neilson Worldwide’s “Trust in Advertising” survey, 40% of the customers trust email newsletter, which means email marketing strategy, can reach half of the potential group population successfully.

Malaysian young population age 20-24 are the highest internet users, almost six out of ten of them spending average 22.3hours online per week. We cannot deny that website and online marketing toolkits are vital to marketer’s proposal.

We should understand the pattern of our target group before we are implementing any of the available online marketing toolkits. We have to find answers to these 4 questions; Who are the customers? Where are they? How to influence them? Are they able to commit to the Brand?

Threat or opportunity? The answer is depended on how we handle the paradigm shifting of customer’s buying behavior. We should keep transforming to adapt to the new marketing environment by using new resources to the existing marketing strategy instead of remaining with the old pattern.

Capture New Customer; Retaining Loyal Client


We all know that all businesses require new leads. However, more importantly, in order to grow, it requires loyal customers. Thus, there is a need to convert new leads to loyal customers in a systematic approach.

The fastest approach to reach customers is through mobile devices. Everyone is holding a mobile phone. Net Onboard’s Customer Retaining System is a brand new solution that helps business owner to form a firm relationship with existing and potential customers through telecommunication channel.

This system allows customers to subscribe to news or promotion update from a business by using the mobile device. With the list of subscribers generated, business owner may send out promotion SMS messages in an instant. As part of our promotion package bundle, business owner are entitled to 10000 SMS credits where it could use it to blast promotion SMS.

Unlike the promotion deal website, business owner does not need to share profit with us. Customer retaining system allows business owner to set up loyalty program with 0% profit division scheme. We do not take a cut from your profit, but instead helping you to make more profit. This system is ideal to assist you to retain customers.

If you are looking for a solution to help you hold the “Come and Go” customer, Net Onboard’s Customer Retaining System is the right choice. A simple and easy to manage solution coupled with unique personalized message at an affordable cost is definitely what you need to compete with others.